BBU Palette | Bobbi Brown

Hi everyoooone!

Take a moment to check this beautiful palette. If you are a makeup artist, or just like to play with makeup, this could be your "Bible", it's absolutely amazing!

I've been using it all summer, on many skin types and it blends so well. It's so creamy and light, very easy to use and basically you got all in one place: 20 shades of Foundation Stick in her signature yellow-toned, 14 shades of Creamy Concealer and 13 shades of Bobbi's corrector. They just feel like melting into the skin and it gives the natural look that I want, but buildable too if needed.

I think it's so clever the way it's been made - being a makeup artist you have to carry with you so many products and they can be so big and heavy sometimes but this is tiny, easy to carry, and despite of this, you will see that a little product goes long way, which is great! It's perfect touch up, for photo shoots and bridal, made my life so much easier, Bobbi I love you! hahaha

During my course at AOFM I've been using a lot of brands, I had a "taste" of what I like to use, and I understand it can be confusing at first, when starting to build your own kit, but if you ask me about this BBU I would say definitely go for it!

Hope this helps anybody in need, and if you have any questions you can always write me and I will be happy to help.

Nobody knows everything - we all learn everyday.



#BBUpalette #foundation #bobbibrown #concealer #corrector #skin

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