Hot to use Sunscreen without ruining your makeup | SPF info

It's summertime!

I thought to share some important tips about how to apply sunscreen with makeup and also did a little research so let's go and bare with me because it's a long one.

Until quite recently I've never paid attention to take extra care of my face except when I was on holiday at the seaside (blame the youth years, when you think you're forever young).

Since last year, game has changed - I've seen the first signs of sun damage on my skin, some little sunspots/discoloration on my face and I've freaked out.

The good news is that nowdays we can find sun creams specially formulated for face and even more, the right protection for each skin type, also makeup with SPF. Oh and don't forget about hair protection! like AVEDA and GHD

If you are here just to know how I apply it with the makeup I will explain immediately, otherwise just keep on reading and I will give more IMPORTANT information and recommendations.

After trying a couple of products for a while and nothing was working for me as I have sensitive skin, also when I was using makeup it was rubbing off looking like dirt, I've finally discovered how to do it properly.

So before anything else, wash and dry your face (I use Avene thermal water) take small amounts of sun cream and gently pat not rub, all over your face working little by little - I said small amounts, but you need to apply more than you think. Let it fully absorb into your skin for a good couple of minutes like 5 if possible and then go on with your usual makeup routine.

Sometimes are even good enough to wear instead of makeup.

Some people ask me if you can mix them with the moisturizer or the foundation - Yes you can but I don't recommend it at all, there is the risk that your products won't react well to each other. I don't believe would give you the same protection and from now on make sure you are not using them just at the beach, but for every damn day.

You will be able to find the right sun cream for your skin concern - dry skin, oily skin, anti-aging etc Just make sure you will use a light weight formula when using makeup after.

The one I am using right now is LA ROCHE- POSAY 50+ ultra-light, I generally try to use products with no perfume.

Another good one similar to this is from Vichy also ultra light, 50+.

On the next one I've spent a good amount of time in the shop thinking if I should buy it or not but I think it's good, and it made me trust it - is Shiseido , which is durable.

If you wanna be a little extra then go ahead and get Tom Ford Face Protect SPF 50, this product seems to be amazing. LA ROCHE-POSAY have also a spray that you can apply over your make up, as a top up, but I won't recommend to use just that, you must have a layer of sun cream on your bare skin. If you apply the spray, do not touch your face until it dries otherwise you risk rubbing it off in spots and get sun burned.

Also there are makeup products with SPF like powder, foundation, chapstick and all kind but if you think that is going to be enough to protect, you are wrong. Usually they have low protection like 15 SPF and mixing all of that with the other products I don't think will work that well. All the products you swear by, mean nada if you are not protecting yourself from UV rays.

Now let's go ahead and do some pros and cons of sun exposure

* SPF means Sun Protection Factor

* UV rays are UVA - deep into the skin and UVB - burning the surface

Overexposure to the sun can slow down the collagen causing skin to sag and wrinkles to form and more importantly can trigger skin cancer.

Tan is caused by melanin, whilst fighting back against harmful UV rays. When the amount of UV rays absorbed by our skin becomes overwhelming, melanin can no longer protect the skin and sunburn occurs. As we know, sunburn results in inflamed skin that can be incredibly painful. And let's not forget about dehydration - I am not a person who drinks a lot of water, from some reason I find it difficult, but it's so important!

On the other side, moderate sun exposure has also benefits :

* First of all improves our mood, eases mild depression and the reason for this is that sunlight stimulates glands in our brain to produce serotonin.

* Improves quality of sleep (so does rain for me tho)

* Helps to treat some skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, eczema.

* Most of all we get Vitamin D and improves bone health.

Bottom line:

Sunshine does have its benefits, but you must protect from the harmful sun rays depending of your skin colour, where you live and how much skin you expose to the sun.

Don't forget to drink lots of water and enjoy summer :)



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